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Sofia Totti Social & Media Manager

Sofia Totti grew up in Rome, Italy, in a family that encouraged her to pursue her passions and interests. From a young age, she was drawn to communication and media, and spent much of her time reading and writing about current events, cultural trends, and popular entertainment.

After completing high school, Sofia attended the University of Rome La Sapienza, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences. During her time at the university, she developed a deep understanding of media theory and communication strategies, and gained valuable experience working on various projects related to social media and online marketing.

Following her graduation, Sofia began her career in media and communication, working for several companies in Italy, including Rai, the national public broadcasting company, and Mediaset, the largest commercial broadcaster in the country. She quickly established herself as a skilled and innovative media professional, known for her ability to create engaging content and build strong relationships with audiences.

Sofia’s interest in social media and online marketing led her to pursue additional training and education in these areas. She earned a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing from the University of Bologna, where she specialized in social media strategy, content creation, and audience engagement.

After completing her Master’s degree, Sofia moved to London, where she began working as a Social Media & Media Manager for a digital health company specializing in sleep medicine. She was responsible for creating and maintaining the company’s social media accounts and for developing and distributing high quality content across various media platforms.

Sofia worked closely with the content team to ensure that the company’s message was consistent and effective across all channels, and she leveraged her expertise in social media strategy and audience engagement to increase the company’s visibility and reach.

Throughout her career, Sofia has received recognition for her contributions to the field of media and communication. She has received several awards and honors, including the European Social Media Award for excellence in social media strategy and the International Media Award for outstanding achievement in audience engagement.

Sofia remains dedicated to creating innovative and engaging media content that helps people understand and benefit from the use of modafinil in improving cognitive function and combatting sleepiness.


  1. Certificate in Social Media Marketing from Hootsuite Academy
  2. Google Ads certification for Display Advertising
  3. Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification
  4. Advanced Google Analytics certification
  5. Facebook Blueprint certification for Media Planning